PPL 10.0 – Create formwork plans in the cloud!

Now planitec GmbH, the IT service provider for the building sector, has created a cloud-capable version of the formwork software PPL used by many construction companies and construction machinery traders. PPL, in its version 10.0, is developed using current JAVA-technology and is hence usable for almost all operating systems and can naturally also be used via the internet.

Amongst the most important preparation work for construction sites, independent of their size, is the work planning process; this may already determine if the project will be a success or not. Thelayout is easy to enter and whilst this is being casted, the PPL 10.0 automatically generates a material list. If several phases are estimated, then the existing formwork material is simply taken over. Formwork surface, weight, concrete volume and forming times are also calculated automatically.

[ Easy to use, almost totally self-explanatory and can be installed on any modern PC: An irreplaceable tool for work preparation and formwork planning ]


If work planning is done and not neglected due to cost issues or lack of time, then the economic success becomes controllable since no work runs smoother than its planning allows. An essential share in the preparation work for the shell is the planning of the use of formwork and shoring. Efficient use of all resources also means that in consideration of safety, formwork and phase planning and construction progress, only so much formwork, including accessories, must be stored on the building site as is effectively needed. Exact material provision, organised formwork storage on the site, minimization of transport routes and the total elimination of down-time due to unnecessary routes, which are always incurred if no planning occurred: all of this is needed to perfect the process.


Modular structure

PPL 10.0 now consists of two different modules which can be used individually. The first one is the formwork planning software as it is described above and called Design.

The second module is Warehouse. The latter manages the material of complete builder's yards (formwork, building machinery, accessories etc.) starting from a formwork park of a small construction company up to municipal authorities to larger medium-sized companies.

PPL can also handle the entire material management of a construction site. Delivery, returns, inventory controlling etc.

[ For the formwork planning complete formwork libraries are available ]



The innovations for the formwork software are so diverse that they are equal to a technology jump.

JAVA technology is used for the first time. In its new version 10.0, PPL is thus independent from platforms and can be used on the PC or Mac, with Windows, Linux, Unix or OS X.

There is a local as well as a web-based version. You can purchase or rent - that is using it in the Cloud - PPL.

Up until now, only plans with 1 formwork system were possible with PPL. Now you can use several formwork systems at the same time and combine them with each other: e.g. a circular formwork with a wall formwork.

Material management used to be static. But now if returns from a completed construction site occur whilst another project is still on-going, then the formwork plans can quickly be adjusted to the new planning situation.

The views can now also be displayed in 3D. This has previously only been possible with formwork software which was supported by AutoCad or other CAD-programs, e.g. the PASCHAL Plan pro which was developed purely for planning bureaus.

Slopes can now also be incorporated into the layouts which makes also so-called gable walls possible.


[ The function„Transparent“ allows to show hidden openings like windows or doors ]


Formwork planning and construction site material management

PPL 10.0 enables you to perform two large steps at the same time: The formwork plans are now even better, clearer and more adjustable whilst still maintaining their ease of use.

[ The "Plan Manager" allows to create professional plans for people on construction site ]


Furthermore, there is the addition of the complete material management for the builder's yard and the individual construction sites.

[ PPL-Warehouse is a complete yard and construction site management module ]


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